Yearly Archives: 2015

Episode 9 – Kickstarter Litigation, Developing Games, and Conventions! 1

EVENT DECK: Kickstarter Litigation, Wil Wheaton, Treefrog & Discworld, and Swtizerland

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Developing Games – Does the publisher know best?

FINAL SCORING: Convention season is in full swing, New Portal web-store, and an earth-shattering announcement from Stronghold?


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Episode 8 – Origins/UK Games Expo, An Average Day, and Portalcon

EVENT DECK: Origins Game Fair, and UK Games Expo

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: An average day at Stronghold Games and Portal Games

FINAL SCORING: What’s new at Stronghold, and how was Portalcon?


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Episode 7 – BGG.Fam, Convention Income, and a Mystery Announcement 1

EVENT DECK: BGG.Fam and the Spiel des Jahres

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Convention Income: Sales or Marketing?

FINAL SCORING: Ignacy travels to UK Games Expo and a Mysterious Origins Announcement!?


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Episode 6 – Tokyo, Distribution, and Gen Con

EVENT DECK: Year of SURVIVE!, Tokyo Toy Market, Japanese design influence, and Warquest on Kickstarter

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: What are the differences between the distribution chain in Europe and the US? We tell you!

FINAL SCORING: Gen Con Floor Plan, What Mad Max Means to Neuroshima, and Using China in Newest Productions



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Episode 5 – Mars, Prototypes, and Newness

EVENT DECK: Origins and Dice Tower Award Nominations, FFG Mission Red Planet, Stronghold Games going to Mars?, Portal Games going to Mars!?

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Submitting prototypes, by mail or in person, Is your game Funtastic?, Please mark your pieces clearly

FINAL SCORING: Stronghold Games opens pre-orders for Dark Moon and La Granja, Stephen heading to BGG.FAM, 11 hour days in the Portal office, Stronghold 2e in Germany?


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Episode 4 – Podcasts, Reviews, and Friends 3

EVENT DECK: Dice Tower 400th episode, Cardboard! podcast, International TableTop Day, Tides of Time

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Reviewers and review copies.

FINAL SCORING: Gathering of Friends, Play Modena

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Episode 3 – GenCon, Gama, and Demos 2

NEWS: Is Gen Con staying in Indianapolis, AEG is running a Kickstarter, and dozens of new Love Letter licenses.

ADVICE: How to demo your games at conventions: Make it easy, make it quick, and… lie?

INSIDER: GAMA Trade Show, Kickstarter and retail sales.

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Episode 2 – Kickstarter and Norway 1

NEWS: Golden Geek Awards, Munchkin World, Dice Hate Me and Greater Than Games Merger, and Mayfair ends relationship with Martin Wallace!?

ADVICE: Why do big companies use Kickstarter?

INSIDER: Ignacy travels to Norway and the release of Pictomania

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Episode 1 – Nurnberg & Toy Fair 1

NEWS: Star Wars Brand, Golden Geek Awards, Ghostbusters Kickstarter Campaign

ADVICE: Should you attend ToyFair and Nurnberg?

INSIDER: What’s happening with Portal and Stronghold games? Stronghold Second Edition!

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