Monthly Archives: June 2016

Episode 31 – Origins, Artwork, and Travels

EVENT DECK: Origins Growth, Origins Awards, Indie Boards and Cards and Action Phase Games Merger, Preferred Retailer Programs

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Names and Trademarks, Budgeting for Artwork, Does nationality matter?

FINAL SCORING: Ignacy tours the US, Dice Tower Con, Stronghold Launch Kits, Stronghold MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT

Intro Music: Happy Rock –

Episode 30 – Lawsuits, Contracts, and Conventions

EVENT DECK: Spiel Nominees, Cloning Lawsuits, Twilight Creations, Origins Releases

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Game Designer Contracts

FINAL SCORING: Pionek, Portalkon, EURO 2016, BGG.Con Spring, Origins

Intro Music: Happy Rock –