Monthly Archives: August 2016

Episode 35 – Deutschland, Q&A, and Sept 28th 1

Enter the Dice Tower Contest! Ask us a question at our BGG Guild:


EVENT DECK: Portal Games Deutschland, IGA Awards, Cool Mini Zombicide, Board Game Quest

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Questions and Answers

FINAL SCORING: Vacations, Dragon and Flagon Splash, Terraforming Mars, Cry Havoc

Intro Music: Happy Rock –

Episode 34 – Sell Outs, Full Time, and Delays

** Rob Daviau’s new company is called Restoration Games


EVENT DECK: Gen Con Sell Outs, Dice Tower Live Show, Hobby Market Growth

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: What made you decide to go full time?

FINAL SCORING: Gen Con Reports, Mars is Delayed, More New Stronghold

Intro Music: Happy Rock –

Episode 33 – Monopoly, Q&A, and The Hotness

EVENT DECK: SdJ Winners, Asmodee buys F2Z, Target Exclusives

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Questions and Answers

FINAL SCORING: Cry Havoc 2nd Printing, Fog of War, Terrraforming Mars, Dice Tower Live Show, Gen Con Preparations

Intro Music: Happy Rock –