Episode 35 – Deutschland, Q&A, and Sept 28th 1

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EVENT DECK: Portal Games Deutschland, IGA Awards, Cool Mini Zombicide, Board Game Quest

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Questions and Answers

FINAL SCORING: Vacations, Dragon and Flagon Splash, Terraforming Mars, Cry Havoc

Intro Music: Happy Rock – Bensound.com

One thought on “Episode 35 – Deutschland, Q&A, and Sept 28th

  • Steve Thomas

    Great show guys! Congratulations Ignacy on Portal Games Deutschland, Chevee Dodd told me. He lives near me. And really happy to see Cry Havoc doing so well!!! I’m getting a copy from CoolStuffInc when they ship it. And Stephen, great job on your games, looking forward to Dragon and Flagon! And Stephen…MORE COASTERS!!! I need them for my gaming group! Thanks guys!

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