Monthly Archives: September 2016

Episode 38 – Essen Spiel, Innovation, Pre-Orders

EVENT DECK: Death Breath, IELLO Germany, Essen Spiel Expansion, Spot It, Mechs vs Minions

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Innovation and Differentiation

FINAL SCORING: Printing and shipping, pre-orders, Terraforming Mars, Envoy Program

Intro Music: Happy Rock –

Episode 36 – Contest Winner, Your Questions, and Terraforming Mars

EVENT DECK: Robinson Crusoe, FFG and GW, Deutscher Spiel Preis, Hanjin Bankrutpcy, Dice Tower Contest Winner, Board Games Insider Weekly

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Questions and Answers

FINAL SCORING: Portal Games Testing for 2017, Stronghold Pre-Orders, Terraforming Mars FLGS Release

Intro Music: Happy Rock –