Monthly Archives: January 2017

Episode 49 – Predictions for 2017

EVENT DECK: Privateer Press Skipping Distribution, Sophie forms Plan B Games, First Martians Pre-Orders, Terraforming Mars Expansions, Nurnberg, Kingdom Death Monster

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Prediction 2016 Recap, Predictions for 2017

FINAL SCORING: Preparing for Portalcon, Stronghold Announcements.

Intro Music: Happy Rock –

Episode 48 – Treefrogs, Questions, and Mars

EVENT DECK: Games Workshop Sales, Treefrog Games Closing, Cards Against Kickstarters, Suing PayPal, Asmodee Gets Bigger

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Question and Answer

FINAL SCORING: First Martians is DONE! Terraforming Mars Reprint in February.

Intro Music: Happy Rock –