Monthly Archives: July 2018

Episode 80 – Azul, Publisher Printing, and HUGE NEWS

EVENT DECK: Overturn KS, WotC Direct Sales, Pandemic Anniversary, Azul Sales, Warhammer 40k Monopoly, Barnes & Nobel Summer Game Nights

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Your questions are answered.

FINAL SCORING: Huge news at Gen Con?

Intro Music: Happy Rock –

Episode 79 – Gen Con Fever, Foreign Exchange, and Stephens Sales Pitch 1

EVENT DECK: Gen Con Fever has Begun, Electronic Board Games, Barnes and Nobel Sales Down, Terraforming Mars: Colonies

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Your Questions are Answered

FINAL SCORING: Detective Shipping, Monolith Arena, Lots of Conventions, Gold Fever, Paper Tales, Kitchen Rush, Lots of Terraforming Mars stuff.

Intro Music: Happy Rock –