Monthly Archives: September 2018

Episode 84 – GrandCon and local conventions!

Hear us talk about GrandCon and local conventions in general!

Pre-orders for Essen not only new games with promos, but also tickets for 3 special events!  (I AM GUEST Speaker at an event!! – Friday: 2-3:30– “International Game Publishing” – Room: Saal Europa.)

Special Promotion for “Forum Trajanum” – Find 3 of 4 Romans, get your card stamped, and pick up your set of FT-Promo cards

Unique games from FFG – Keyforge and Discover
Asmodee buys…

Episode 82 – GAMA, Time of Year, and Merger

EVENT DECK: Merger Answers, GAMA Board Changes, Eight Percent, Top 10’s from icv2, New Target Exclusives

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Your questions are answered.

FINAL SCORING: IS Amazons, Monolith Arena, Detective Sold Out, BGtTS3, TM: Prelude, Mars Society International Conference

Intro Music: Happy Rock –