Monthly Archives: June 2015

Episode 9 – Kickstarter Litigation, Developing Games, and Conventions! 1

EVENT DECK: Kickstarter Litigation, Wil Wheaton, Treefrog & Discworld, and Swtizerland

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Developing Games – Does the publisher know best?

FINAL SCORING: Convention season is in full swing, New Portal web-store, and an earth-shattering announcement from Stronghold?


Intro Music: Happy Rock –

Episode 8 – Origins/UK Games Expo, An Average Day, and Portalcon

EVENT DECK: Origins Game Fair, and UK Games Expo

STRATEGY AND TACTICS: An average day at Stronghold Games and Portal Games

FINAL SCORING: What’s new at Stronghold, and how was Portalcon?


Intro Music: Happy Rock –